3rd movie of the summer

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Garden State

Garden State

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2ND MOVIE OF THE SUMMER. Everyone’s acting is great and King Joffrey was a pussy since day!

2ND MOVIE OF THE SUMMER. Everyone’s acting is great and King Joffrey was a pussy since day!

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:( First movie of the summer and it was sad. Well actually there was humour, it was quite funny, but the ending wasn’t definitive. 

Oh Ryan :(

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The 365 Films Challenge: Jan 3rd, Movie 2 = Up

Date watched: Jan 3rd 2012 (Film was released in 2009)

Directed by:  Pete Docter

Starring: Edward Asner, Christopher Plummer, Jordan Nagai and Bob Peterson

My review:

Ellie as a kid annoyed me and so did Russell. I really wanted to like them but arrggh, kids annoy me. Luckily I liked Ellie when she grew up and Russell when he returned home. Carl Fredricksen was my favourite character, he was cute and I could totally understand why he was grumpy. This movie was so funny and sad at the same time. The female being called Kevin was one of my highlights, as well as the talking dogs. The story was totally original and should be given full credit for that.

Stars : ★★★ (Not my kind movie - but an above decent movie)

Link to the movie = http://tubeplus.me/player/614019/Up/

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The 365 Films Challenge: Jan 2nd, Movie 1 = Mysterious Skin

Date watched: Jan 2nd 2012 (Film was released in 2004)

Directed by: Gregg Araki

Starring: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Brady Corbet, Michelle Trachtenberg, Jeff Licon, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Elisabeth Shue

My review a.k.a bull**** monologue:

I watched this movie because I have an obsession with Joseph Gordon Levitt, and why wouldn’t I, he’s been in soooo many good things - 500 days of Summer, 3rd Rock From The Sun, Inception, 50/50 and 10 things I Hate About You. 

I’m just going to use short phrases to sum up the movie: Great characters - child abuse - male prostitute - aliens - annoying, head giving, hopping-on-one-leg alien freak - Eric <3 <3 <3 - Neil and Wendy’s quick kiss in the car - Neil crying - the ending (I didn’t find it as emotional as others did but it’s quite sad) - cute mum - stupid neanderthal that raped Neil in New York.

Honestly I still don’t know if this film left an impression on me, but it was a good film.

Stars ½ (if I wasn’t me I’m sure it would be 4 or something)

Link to the moviehttp://tubeplus.me/player/373823/Mysterious_Skin/

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