Bates Motel

Sooooo good! Soooooo good! I have not seen any plot twists coming! They just hit you in the face like blam!

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So excited to be going back to uni tomorrow

Well my uni’s city. The biggest fucking house party (friday after next), foam party tomorrow night, I get to see my one of my best friends on Tuesday, I’m living with good friendsss (finally). I’m so excited!

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a thought…

I’ve always thought it would be super funny to comment “she/he got kik?” on an instagram photo someone posts of their younger sibling/niece/nephew

- but everyone would get all butthurt, sad and politically correct on me

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Just remembered when I bonded with one of the best looking boys at my uni

and I can’t stop smiling. He’s like the funnest person ever.

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nothing is more annoying than when someone is all like “it’s private” “it’s my private life”

just tell the people - ur not that special

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I live my life through The Real Housewives of Atlana
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I need a Mojito

So pumped for this house party on the 26th. I want every cold refreshment there is. Ice water, absinthe, fresh pigs blood… Idc I’m going all out. 

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On the second episode of Teen Wolf
  1. This show is wayyyyy better than expected
  2. I’m tryna appreciate Stiles but all I can think is “the writers copied and pasted Seth Cohen into this”
  3. Lydia Martin is NOTHINGGG like Tumblr led me to believe
  4. I don’t like Lydia Martin

To be fair, I’m pretty sure I’m wrong about everything (coz character development, coz 4 seasons). I’m just glad I finally got round to starting it. 

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pain and gain is sooo fucked up

dwayne johnson is a cutie pie tho! 

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I can’t even sleep I’m too stressed!

I have to be at the doctors at 8:20 - to see if somehow they’ll be an opening to see my doctor and FINALLYYY get my results.

God hates me. I can’t.

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1) I have no money to do my last ever freshers

2) I have no money full stop.

3) I can’t buy bedsheets or food

4) I can’t apply for overdraft because I didn’t make 4 card transactions in the month of August

5) Asked my mum for money, turns out all the money she has here is sent straight to her in Africa, so she told my sister to give me some, and all my sister has given me so far is a lecture about asking my mum and not her

6) I don’t want my sisters money

7) At this rate I’ll have to wait until the day before Uni starts to move in

8) I don’t have a dissertation topic

9) I don’t have a job

10) I can’t afford to live anymore

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I did something completely immoral today

I can’t tell anyone or even forgive myself

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