I need…
  • A weighted hula hoop
  • A skipping rope
  • A pair of roller skates

I will lose weight during my 3 months at home, even if it kills me. AND IT WILL BE FUN!!! 

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My poor fragile heart can’t handle TV this week.

MMFD Diary - just don’t. We all know what’s happened to Chloe. 

GLEE JUST PRODUCED IT’S BEST EPISODE SINCE SEASON 3 AND THE SENIORS GRADUATED.Thank you City of Angels… I was tryna keep the faith until Glee 100, and I got to have an amazing episode before then.

Now I’m about to watch Pretty Little Liars… From tumblr spoilers I think Ali might be in this ep… and Ali tells all in the season finale next week.

And Game of Thrones is back in 3 weeks.

Fuck all of you. I’m happy.

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I’m scared of how much effort it’s going to take to be skinny.

I can’t buy nice clothes until I’m skinny. Wahhhh. I hate the world.

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i need to sort my life out

i’ve missed half of every week that I should be in uni… laying in bed instead - for like 16 hours. i’m weirdly content with being this sad.

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Everyone’s happy!

I hate everyone.

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I can’t multitask

and i think I have ADD

and i want to watch Edward Scissorhands :(

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Shows I watched in 2013 (part 2)

  • Geordie Shore - Season 1
  • American Horror Story - Seasons 1-3a (re-watched)
  • The OC - Season 1-2.16
  • Adventure Time (somewhere in season 2, idc to find out tbh)
  • Victorious - The last 5 aired episodes of the show
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Shows I watched in 2013

  • Glee - Seasons 1-5a
  • Parks and Rec - Seasons 1-3
  • My Mad Fat Diary - Season 1
  • Skins - Season 7
  • Twisted - Season 1a
  • PLL - Seasons 3b and 4a
  • Sherlock - Season 1 & 2
  • Breaking Bad - Seasons 1-5
  • Orphan Black - Season 1
  • Game Of Thrones - Season 3
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Finished Watching Luther today

One of my faves died.

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Will there ever be a time where I stop watching the MJ episode of Glee?

No. No.

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I love my housemates…

…but I think my Paramore and Beatles singing sesh sent them to bed.

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University and why I’m so done with it.

Basically people only want to talk to you if your pretty, so you can imagine nights out are reallllll fun for me. All I want to do is chill, instead creepy guys latch themselves to the people I’m with, so I have to tolerate them, and when I try to be nice, they just act like I don’t exist. JFC, I’m just being friendly.

Also no one actually cares about my existence. If I’m ill, or not in the state to go home, not one person cares. If it’s anybody else… taxi buddy, lift home etc.

The minute I tell someone something is wrong, they proceed to carry on talking about themselves, whilst I can spend hours listening to them (spent 4 hours listening to one git yesterday)

Everyone thinks their so fucking superior to me, because I don’t watch the same movies/shows as them, I don’t listen to the same god awful music. I don’t care about talking about myself 24/7. People are forever trying to force their taste on me, the moment I suggest something, I’m completely ignored, until half a year later when everyone is suddenly into the same fucking thing.

See there’s this weird guy who I have jack. shit in common with, and although he talks down to me, he’s the only fucking person that doesn’t rip me to shit for not liking the same things he does. How twisted is that. 

I can’t speak to my mum, sister, brother-in-law, dad, anyone… about fucking anything

Basically I started the academic year thinking this could be the best year ever and tbh I’d rather be dead mate. Fuck this.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with the 10th consecutive shit year of my life. If anything, you are consistent.

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